Our Boys


Affectionately Known As AKA: Remy

Color: Yellow w/black nose

Health: good, AKC 

Remy is a handsome yellow male from Murray and Mason from Grovetown Georgia. 

We have also trained two other Autism Service Dogs from Remy’s Sir and Dam (parents): 

Blaze who serves in Hartford Connecticut and 

Sirius who serves in Madison Georgia. 

We have trained three males from Remy’s Sir Murray and Maddie that serve as Autism Service Dogs: Saban who serves in Rockmart Georgia (East Atlanta) 

Stan who serves in Avondale Estates Georgia (West Atlanta)

Nikos who serves our son Justin with Autism. 

Labrador male sire

Labrador male sire


Affectionately known as Bobo 

Color: Chocolate 

Health: good, AKC 

Buoy is  a  gorgeous  chocolate from  Land O  Lakes,  Florida   

He  is calm and  even tempered   

He is very  a  gentle and  sweet  boy.   His  favorite thing  to  do  is  run and  play doing  zoomies   

all  around the  front  yard   

Labrador dog sire stud

Labrador dog sire stud