Our Story

We train service dogs for children with autism

We have two biological and four adopted children for a total of six. Three of our adopted boys have autism. We tried traditional therapies, medications and various methods to help them as prescribed by experts and doctors to help our boys but there was always something missing, something that therapeutic methods and medicine missed. Our boys needed companionship. Service dogs seemed to be the answer and WOW were we shocked how much having a well trained dog affected our boys. I quit my job working with the State of California of 25 years as an IT manager to seek my new passion. My wife and I have trained service dogs full time for many years to bless families so they could have what we enjoyed. 

After several years of training and working with a certain blood line of Labrador Retrievers we decided to start breeding them ourselves so families could enjoy the same thing we found in these amazing creatures.  

We made the decision to focus the breeding program of our unique labradors for all families. So we offer our extraordinary animals to you and your family. They have been proven to be easy to train, great with children, even with learning disabilities, faithful and friendly. This line of Labrador Retrievers are not crazy-out-of-their-minds, hard to calm down dogs nor are they lazy-never-leave-the-couch dogs. They are instead a great blend of hard workers and hard snuggle’s that have proved to us to be wonderful to travel with as well as with home therapy. 

We got our first female Coco from a very special service dog bloodline that came from Peru and Vancouver, Canada. We mated her with our male line that had already proven talent demonstrated by Remy’s five brothers we already trained as Autism Service Dogs. 

See our photos gallery of the family line hard at work with our clients. All the dogs on this website belong to our family or were trained from this bloodline.

Service dog

Service dog