Our Girls


Affectionately Known As AKA: Coco

Color: Chocolate

Health:  Good

Coco is a beautiful chocolate girl from Paddington and Camote in Vancouver Canada. 

We call her litter the ‘Pamotes’. 

Her sire Camote is a service dog that helps children in their local community during testing.

Coco has an outstanding coat and sweet disposition.  We also have brother/litter mate Scobee who serves as an Autism Service Dog for our son Jon with Autism. Scobee too is sweet and easy to train. 




Affectionately Known As AKA: Jew-Jew

Color: Yellow w/liver nose

Health: Good, AKC 

Jewel is our gorgeous yellow that enjoys every waking moment. She manages to find someone to either play with or snuggle with everyday. 

She is from Murray and Mason from Grovetown Georgia. 


Aurora the Beauty


Affectionately Known As AKA: Rora 

Color: Yellow w/black nose

Health: Good, AKC 

Aurora is our attractive yellow. She has stolen our hearts from being so pretty and affectionate. This girl is very affectionate and easy to train. She has amazing focus. 

She is from Murray and Mason from Grovetown Georgia.